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Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

From September 1st 2022. All fees and charges are subject to terms and conditions.

Membership Fees

One off
Joining Fee £81
Youth Joining Fee £50

Per year
Single - Full £259
Family - Full £313
Single - Senior ‡ £151
Family - Senior ‡ £205
Youth membership (aged < 25) £100
  • Joining and membership fees are charged forward for the year and are non-refundable.
  • New members will be charged pro-rata for the remainder of the year, once approved.
  • ‡ After 5 year’s continuous membership, subject to vote of Council as set out in the Articles.

Mooring fees

Annual mooring fees are charged in advance for the year and are non-refundable. Boats applying for a mooring must not be more than 40ft LOA and 10 tons.

Type of mooring Annual Fee
Drying £382
Deep water £552

Visiting Vessels

On approval in advance by the Harbour or Yardmaster, to a maximum of 14 nights, on the pontoon, wall or trots as agreed. Vessels over 12m may occasionally be accommodated at additional cost.

Size of Vessel Fee per night
Up to 12m £25
Over 12m £35

Dinghy and Rowing fees

The fee covers the use of a dinghy and safety boat costs - and participation in rowing events.

per person per event
Dinghy £5
Rowing £5

Yard Fees

Yard charges are subject to 'fair use' limits and may be increased if activity places unusually high demands on the time of the Yard team or equipment. Please enquire if unsure.

Locker Rental

Per year
Shared Locker £39

Boats in the Yard

Members boats on the 'hard' in the yard are charged at the following rate per metre per year.

<18 months >18 months >36 months
Monohull £64.80 £145.80 £291.60
Multihull £91.80 £199.80 £394.20
Under cover monohull £91.80 £215.70 423.80
Under cover trailered ‡ £129.30 £300.40 £427.80
  • ‡ Fee is payable yearly in advance
  • Storage of trailers is a flat rate of £103.40 per trailer per year, payable in advance.
  • Harbour Wall - There is no charge for On Station boats to use the wall to dry out and affect repairs, with permission of the Yardmaster. Of station boats and non members may sometimes be accomodated on the harbour rate at an agreed commercial rate and subject to terms.

Dinghies, trailered boats & kayaks

Storage of member owned trailer-sailors, trailer-motor-boats, dinghies and kayaks is subject to availability of suitable space and charged per meter per year, LOA including trailer. Paid in advance from September 1st.

First year or meets activity test‡ for last 12 months Did not meet activity test‡ for previous 12 months Did not meet activity test‡ for previous 24 months
Trailer sailors and trailer motor boats £106 £238 £475
Dinghies £53 £106 £238
Kayaks £26.50 £53 £106

‡ An 'active' vessel must have been used on the water four times in the year. The 'private dinghy yard discount policy' has been rescinded.


per metre
On-Station £6.48
Off-Station £12.96

Set Down

On Station Off Station
Bilge / lifting keel £16.20 £32.40
Fin / long keel £32.40 £64.80

Other Equipment

Equipment Member Visitor
Cherry Picker / hr £43 £86.40
Pressure washer / use £10.80 £21.60
Forklift truck / hr £16.20 £32.40
Mast/Bowsprit/Boom £43.20 £86.40
Stands / frame (x4 / month) £10.80 £21.60


Replacement Gate Fob Each £10.80
Tow by workboat Per trip £16.20

Payment Terms

Payment of invoices is due within 30 days of the invoice date, and a penalty will apply if paid late.