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Races and Trophies

Races and Trophies


Greenwich Yacht Club Trophies - Winners recorded from 1952 till 2023. GYC Trophies

Club Races

Races vary each year, but typically include:

Mayor's Trophy

GYC line to the most upstream mooring buoy off Deptford Creek and return. (5.6 miles.)

The Mayors Trophy was awarded to the Club by the Mayor of Greenwich.

RNSA Trophy

GYC line over a course to be set in front of the Club over a number of laps. (approx 6 miles)

RNSA stands for "Royal Naval Sailing Association", a sort of sailing club for Navy members. How we come to have one is a mystery, the trophy books don't say.

Ladies Challenge Cup

GYC line to Erith Yacht Club line, vessels to have a lady helm. (8 miles)

The Ladies Challenge Cup dates back the only Female Commodore, Di Mannion, who challenged to chaps to a race with an all-female crew, just to show that girls can sail as well as anyone. This was of course before Ellen made it obvious.

Mick Mitchell re-established the all-woman rule, as he felt (rightly) that there were plenty of very good female sailors in the Club now, enough to go round every boat that wanted to race. SO, if you want to go for the Cup, you'll need a female helm and crew (male passengers are permitted)

Medway Cup

GYC line to a line established between Grain Edge and Medway No.11 starboard hand buoys. (30 miles)

Sea Reach Trophy

For a race to be held in Sea Reach, to include Sea Reach, West Leigh Middle and Medway No. 1 buoys. (approx 10 miles)

First awarded in 1979, it's for a race around a number of buoys in Sea Reach (hence the name geddit?)

Winston Churchill Cup

GYC line to Greenhithe spirit buoy and return. (24 miles)

Thurrock Trophy

GYC line to Thurrock Yacht Club line. (13 miles)

A cup awarded to encourage inter-club competition by the Commodore of the Thurrock Yacht Club (GYC awarded a similar trophy to Thurrock)

Westerley Challenge Cup

GYC line to most upstream mooring buoy at Gravesend (off Rosherville pier) and return. (25 miles)

Originally presented to commemorate the first recorded yacht race in England October 1, 1661, between King Charles II and his brother James, the Duke of York. The king lost the out-bound leg but won the return, and a prize of 100 pounds.

Bob Walker Cup

GYC line to a mark in sight of Tower Bridge and return. (12 miles)

Meridian Trophy

GYC line to round the driftwood barge of the Trafalgar Tavern and return. (4.6 miles)

As the name suggests it is a race accross the Greenwich Meridian and back.

Lady's Cup

GYC line to Greenhithe and return. (24 miles)

Ovens Buoy Trophy

GYC line to round the Ovens Buoy and return. (37 miles)

Long regarded as the Blue Riband of the Club's racing calendar, the one everybody wants their name on.

R.T. McMullen Trophy

A single handed open race from GYC rounding Jenningtree and back