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[http://spraypenoyre.blogspot.com/ Greg Penoyre Sailing Blog]
[http://spraypenoyre.blogspot.com/ Greg Penoyre Sailing Blog]
==External resources recomended by members==
==External resources recommended by members==

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GYC Online

Looking for something?

The old website performed some functions that the new website does not - such as event planning and booking forms for the yard and other activities. The decision was made to keep the new website a bit simpler by handling those functions separately. Since this is being managed by volunteers and a small budget - we have first created the new 'public' website and will then begin work on all the interactive stuff.

But in the mean time, the old website is still available and running - so go to the members portal https://members.greenwichyachtclub.co.uk to do the following:

  • Booking yard space
  • Getting on the mooring waiting list
  • See the events calendar

We are still working on updating our Web / IT infrastructure and since we are volunteers it might take a bit of time. If you have a question or suggestion please email: [1]

Members external content

Greg Penoyre Sailing Blog

External resources recommended by members