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Fees and Charges

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Membership Fees

One off
Joining Fee £75

Per year
Single - Full £212
Family - Full £249
Family - Senior £115
Young person (aged < 25) £100
Single - Overseas £100
  • Joining and membership fees are charged forward for the year and are non-refundable.
  • New members will be charged pro-rata for the remainder of the year, once approved.

Mooring fees

  • Mooring fees are charged forward for the year and are non-refundable.
Annual charge for members use of club moorings
Type of mooring Annual Fee
Drying £345
Deep water Pontoon £497
Deep water Trot £497

Yard Fees

  • All charges for yard time are applicable to mooring holders only, except for those on approved projects.
  • If you are invoiced forward for yard fees, and your boat leaves the yard, we will issue a credit for the outstanding amount.

Locker Rental

Per year
Shared Locker £

Boat Storage

Members boats stored on the 'hard' in the yard are charged at the following rate per meter per year.
<18 months >18 months >36 months
Monohull £60 £134 £270
Multihull £85 £185 £365
Under cover £85 £201
Off-Station £132 £252 £504
Trailer-sailer £96
Dinghy £96
Trailer-motorboat £96

Storage of trailers is a flat rate of £96 per trailer per year.


Price per meter LOA
On-Station £60
Off-Station £85


Bilge/lifting keel Fin / long keel
On-Station £15 £30
Off-Station £30 £60

Other Equipment

Equipment Per Use
Cherry Picker £40
Crane £33
Forklift truck £17
Steam Washer £27


Sailing Dinghy Per day (two persons) £23
Replacement Gate Fob Each £5.50
Tow by workboat Per trip £13

Terms and Conditions

Payment of invoices is due within 30 days of the invoice date, and a penalty will apply if paid late.