First Aid

Session 1
Assessment, immediate actions and the priorities within first aid; Unconsciousness and the recovery position; CPR; Drowning; Breathing difficulties.

Session 2
Failure of the circulation: shock; Blood loss and the control of bleeding; Recognition of internal bleeding; Angina and heart attack.

Session 3
Levels of response and the AVPU scale; Head injury: concussion and compression; Immersion, hypothermia and cold shock; Burns, including sunburn; Exposure hypothermia/hyperthermia; Seasickness and dehydration; Diabetic emergency; Seizures.

Session 4
Fractures, including spinal injuries; First aid kits; Advice or assistance by radio; Medivac: the evacuation of a casualty by helicopter.

Session 5
For the skippers of MCA coded boats; The contents and use of the category C first aid kit, including the pocket mask OR Subject of special interest to the group - Wells disease, blue/green algae, child CPR, marine stings, fish hooks etc.