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Dinghy Section

Welcome to GYC's dinghy section. We're lucky enough to have a great piece of water to sail on - broad enough to give us room to race and practise. With enough tall buildings to give us changeable wind, if you can sail here, you can sail anywhere!

We have a mix of Bosuns, Laser/Laser Radial and Laser Stratos club boats available. We have an active racing programme with winter and summer series. In between, we have regular cruises and refresher sessions – these can be a sail up river, down river or just honing your skills in front of the club.

As they are club boats, you cannot just take a boat out when you fancy - if that's what you want to do, then you're welcome to get your own boat!

Hiring a club boat is simple, using our online booking and payment system - this is updated regularly with dates for events published roughly a month in advance. We only let Approved Dinghy Helms hire and skipper the boats. To become a club helm, you must be assessed as capable of rigging, launching, sailing, recovering and packing away a club boat. Once you are an Approved Dinghy Helm, you are provided log on credentials for our booking site.

As it's a busy stretch of the water, we never go on the water without a safety boat. The dinghy section provides safety cover in two boats. So throughout the year, people do a mix of sailing and safety boating. We can arrange for you to be safety trained so that you can help with safety cover. It gives you a different perspective on the river!

We also need race officers for each race. It's a great opportunity to watch how people sail and the tactics they use. Training can be given If you are interested in helping out.