Our yard is a members' facility not a commercial yard. As we have limited space we encourage members to make their stay there as short as possible. 

To encourage this and make quick turnaround more affordable we have a four-week slot which has no charge for members other than lift in/out fees. Staying over this time forfeits this free yardage and encures escallating charges. Non-members can ask to be lifted in an emergency but, if they can be accomodated, they will be charged a non-members' rate. 

If you wish to work on a longer term project, you can apply to the committee for 'project status'. This requires a project plan to be submitted stipulating what you plan to do and when. Progress will be reviewed annually.

All boats coming into the yard may only do so with the Yardmaster's permission. If as a member you wish to bring your boat into the yard please fill in and submit an application form on line or a paper form can be found on the whiteboard in the tea room.

Every boat-lift application form must be accompanied by a copy of current and sufficient insurance policy (Byelaws 27c)