You don't have to own a boat to join GYC, or even know how to sail. Many of our members come to us as complete beginners, and become inspired to go out and learn about sailing either on cruisers or dinghies.

For those who prefer not to rely on the wind, we also have a rowing section and an active motor cruising section.

Away from the river, we publish our own in-house magazine, Trident, three times a year and we have a forum for discussion on the website. We also have cycling and an Art club and other social activities.

Importantly, in matters of boating, we are a self-help club; our members do all the day-to-day maintenance work. Our clubhouse is one of the best in the country, so why not come along and take a look?

How to Join

If you'd like to know more, come along on a club night (Tuesday night, from 2000hrs onwards) and fill in an application form (ask at the bar for one).

Schedule of fees and charges for 2014/15


Membership Single – Full   Yearly £201.00
Membership Family – Full   Yearly £235.00
Membership Youth <25 years of age   Yearly £10.00
Membership Single – Overseas   Yearly £65.00
Joining Fee Non-refundable if Approved   Once-off £75.00

Moorings Fees (maximum 12m)

Drying Member rate Yearly £325.00
Deep water Member rate Yearly £455.00

Yard Fees

  <18mths >18mths >36mths  
Monohull £57 £129 £258 Per metre, per year
Mulihull £80 £173 £347 Per metre, per year
Undercover £78 £178 £355 Per metre, per year
Off-station £10 £10 - Per meter, per month
Trailer-Sailer £91 £91 - Per meter, per year
Trailer storage £87 £87 £87 Per year


Joining and membership fees are charged forward for the year and are non-refundable.
New members will be charged pro-rata for the remainder of the year, once approved.
Mooring fees are charged forward for the year and are non-refundable.
All charges for yard time are applicable to mooring holders only, except for those on approved projects. If you are invoiced forward for yard fees, and your boat leaves the yard, we will issue a credit for the outstanding amount.
Payment of invoices is due within 30 days of the invoice date, and a penalty will apply if paid late.