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Welcome to Greenwich Yacht Club

Located halfway between the Millennium Dome and the Thames Barrier GYC is now over 100 years old, founded by a handful of Thames sailors in 1908, and boasts around 400 members. The club caters for cruiser sailors, dinghy sailors, motor-boaters and rowers. Sail past Canary Wharf and beautiful Royal Greenwich up London's historic river or go down to the estuary for the East coast or a channel crossing. Motor cruisers can go right through the very heart of the capital, and have access to the river Lee and inland waterways. 

Visitors are welcome any Tuesday evening or weekend. 
  • If you're interested in joining why not come along on a Tuesday evening or weekend afternoon/evening to look around and meet us.
  • If you are already a member you can access more website facilities by logging in at the top of this page with your account number. (Forgotten your password? Click the 'FORGOT LOGIN?' link (at the top of the pagefor a new password to be emailed to you or send an email to the webmaster (with your name and account number and any questions or requests.)
  • For general enquiries about the club please email here.

Two GYC members sail on around the world clipper race

Two GYC members, Nicola and Tim are taking part in the 2017/18 around the world clipper race.
There are 8 legs/races to complete and the boats are now on Leg 5 - the Asia Pacific leg.

IMG 20170819 190407 Large

Nicola and Tim are on the same boat - Great Britain. On January 10th (the All Australian Leg) Nicola wrote...

"Life lessons from sailing

There's been a reflective mood onboard GREAT Britain and following Krishna making a philosophical announcement this morning, we have had a bit of a discussion about what we've learnt from this sailing experience. Names have been withheld so that you can have a bit of fun and guess which of your loved ones / characters on the crew came up with each statement.

- If you want to identify the bare necessities for happiness then go ocean racing.

- It's possible to have strong opinions and often feelings for your favourite knot. The admiralty knot is a thing of beauty.

- Think twice before giving your wife a whistle.

- Sailing knives are essential. And also make short work of peeling the oranges onboard.

- Love does exist.

- Listen to your parents before making important life decisions. They are wise and, it turns out, often right.

- I love sailing with with the upper classes because of the headwear they bring to the party.

- There is no need for many possesions. Even within the 10kg boat limit its possible to have items you really don't need or use. A toothbrush and toothpaste are about the only essentials you can't cope (or make friends) without.

- Whether to use a spoon or a fork is a difficult decision.

- Whatever you experience comes down to your perception. Make the most of every opportunity, embrace and enjoy the adventure. It's up to you to make sure you enjoy yourself.

- There is no situation which cannot be improved by a piece of toast thickly spread with peanut butter. If it's been really tough then consuming the peanut butter whilst sat apon the beanbag is the stuff of dreams.

- Decluttering and streamlining your life makes everything more simple. However, even the most positive person will struggle to maintain that this is optimal when it includes your phone and wallet.

- Choice means anarchy. Dictate the galley menu plan and stick to it – don't put the power into the crews hands.

- Sometimes you need to break the rules. But only in the galley and only if it makes everyone happy.

- Keeping yourself mentally and physically busy is essential.

- Raspberry squash with hand crushed raspberries. They only thing that will be crushed are your expectations.

- Aeroplanes were designed to travel long distances.

- It's GREAT fun. Its amazing how people from so many walks of life can work as a team if they have the same goal. A pint in Airlie. A pint with new GREAT friends. Pint(s) plural.

- Don't ever judge anyone wearing crocs.

- Crocs are for below deck and only when far from land. Their inherent value will increase in a perfect correlation with diminishing distance from shore.

- More thinking time does not necessarily mean that you will come to clear conclusions.

- Kneading breadmix dough is therapeutic. We all need a bit of therapy time.

- There will be yoga in the forepeak in the morning. It's always important to have something to look forward to.

- I can be up, ready and out within 15mins; not my normal 1hr. It helps that there a no mirrors, outfit choices, make up or jewellery considerations.

- Tea is essential. Tea to start your day off. Tea to refresh you in the heat. Tea to warm you in the cold. Tea before you go to bed. Tea to take on deck only when its flat out and you have express permission from your skipper. Tea to share. Tea to savour. Tea-tastic.

With love to all our family and friends, and supporters.

Nicola and the GREAT team."

She will next be sailing on Legs 7 & 8, the USA coast to coast and Atlantic legs.

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