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GetSailing2We very much regret that our coronavirus pandemic operational guidelines mean that we must currently limit access to our site to members only. As soon as we are open to visitors we will advertise that here.

Since our foundation over 100 years ago, we have always aimed to offer "affordable sailing for all". Our club is located halfway between the O2 and the Thames Barrier, and is home to cruiser sailors, dinghy sailors, motor-boaters and rowers. But you don't have to own a boat to come boating.

 Email here to enquire about visiting us or joining GYC




The new government rulings mean we can now go boating from GYC. We may also work on our boats in the yard and on the river.

Our training program will resume with appropriate mitigations. Our clubhouse remains closed but members can be served food and drink at tables outside in our yard.

We hope that on May17th we can open our clubhouse again to members. We will have some fairly robust mitigations in place in order to do that.

Meanwhile we urge members to remember that Covid is still with us and we must all look out for our own and others safety by maintaining social distancing and following government rulings.

Nick Day, Commodore GYC


Activities on the River Thames

The River Thames is cleaner and more active that ever.

Look at the PLA coordinated calendar which includes GYC activities to see what is going on.


Staying Safe on the River

 1. Wear a lifejacket that will inflate or a buoyancy aid that will take your weight

2. Wear appropriate footwear

3. Take a hand held radio or phone in a waterproof case

4. Tell someone where you are going

5. Ensure your tender is sea worthy

6. Always use your ‘kill cord’

7. Secure any luggage or large items that you may be transporting

8. On arrival, approach into the tide and secure tender with a bowline to your boat. Consider using a stern line as well

9. When secured. Choose your moment to disembark, check for passing clippers or wash to subside

10. Remember, one hand for you and one for the boat

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